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Laura Ikauniece - Behind The scenes

Due to the fact that Laura Ikauniece-Admidiņa became the newest member of Red Bull family i had to prepare a photoshoot representing what she does best. Here's a short blog post about how it went down. 
Really great thanx to:
Red Bull family for this oportunity
Mikus Klaviņš for filming, taking bts pictures and being a great help throuhout all the process
Dita Grauda - MakeUp
Sergejs Vaido - Assisting and looking after us
And of course Laura Ikauniece for being in great shape and good mood through all the shoot.
Location - Kuldigas Sporta Manēža  

Here you go a short behind the scenes video. *Filmed with TomTom Bandit *

Red Bull Threestyle Latvia 2015 Finals

Red Bull Thre3style pits the world's best DJs in a competition that values technical skill as much as the ability to thrill a dancefloor. Competitors are judged on the dual platforms of technical ability and crowd reaction, and are given just 15 minutes each to prove that they're the best in the room. Judges work to a strict criteria that also marks DJs on their originality in song choices, confidence performing and mixing prowess.
Thre3style's roots lie in Canada, but the idea behind the competition is global: get people dancing, keep the party vibes coming and up your game until you're the DJ that brings the perfect set.


Each DJ has to play a minimum of 3 genres. In the spirit of Geoffrey Sumner - "This is supposed to be a journey into sound. A journey which along the way will bring us new value, new color, new dimenson." We are sure you get the drift. Every competitor gets one 15 minute performance with the goal to impress the judges and excite the crowed. No matter what level of the competition you are participating in, the judges of your Thre3style performance will be using these criteria:

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Congrats my man Dj Aspirins on winning this battle and going to Tokyo

Check video of the evet HERE