Back to the basics of having fun

I had to try this.

I felt it for a pretty damn long time that i just really need to experience this magical moment in the darkroom.

And the stars aligned so that i had a chance to be a part of a very inspiring photography workshop together with my friends Gizmo and Herbe.

To develop a film on your own and to make the actual image was something i thought was near to impossible or very hard to do. In fact it was just a couple of beers mixed with some exotic herbs and a great laughter as well as bit of being precise and patient.  

Felt as a chemist for a while when dealing with all those liquids and canisters. Especially in the evening when the films dried up and it was time to turn the magic red light on in the darkroom. After couple of hits i lost myself totally in the feeling of being in red district area. Time passed quickly as we started to get some images popping up in the trays. 

This evening has definitely left some questions untold and many things unexplored but as a beginning of something new and pretty damn sure beautiful it was more than inspiring and up lifting.