Film test - Kodak Portra 400

There's always something new to try. This time i tried out analog photography with flashes in hypersync mode.

A while ago shooting wakeboarding in the the dumpster river had the recently purchased analog camera with me. Bought a very fresh condition 35mm Canon EOS 3 and installed a fresh roll of Kodak Portra 400 film. Here you can check the unedited result. Please note that no adjustments or tweaks were made to these images. 

"Street Wakeboarding"

When snow has melted it's time to go out and play. Today had the first wakeboard session of the year 2017. Looks promissing with the right crew and guys from Boont Wakeboards and Marupe Wakepark.

"Street wakeaboard" or "Out of your usual wakepark wakeboarding" is becoming more and more popular and that only means more options for guys like me. For this picture i used hypersync and a ittle bit of that magic touch. (1/1600sec, f2.8, iso 800)

Laura Ikauniece - Behind The scenes

Due to the fact that Laura Ikauniece-Admidiņa became the newest member of Red Bull family i had to prepare a photoshoot representing what she does best. Here's a short blog post about how it went down. 
Really great thanx to:
Red Bull family for this oportunity
Mikus Klaviņš for filming, taking bts pictures and being a great help throuhout all the process
Dita Grauda - MakeUp
Sergejs Vaido - Assisting and looking after us
And of course Laura Ikauniece for being in great shape and good mood through all the shoot.
Location - Kuldigas Sporta Manēža  

Here you go a short behind the scenes video. *Filmed with TomTom Bandit *

First Street Session

First street snowboard session this "winter". Hoping on some snow soon otherwise i've been hearing some suicidal thoughts arounds. This year has already been pretty inspiring after meeting and seeing cool places and funny faces all around. Can't wait for the next one to come. Have a good one friends. #Snowboard 

Red Bull uzvaras Mežs - Toughest Bike Race

Recently spent my day in Latvian Jungle photographing the toughest bicycle race Red Bull uzvaras mežs. 8 hour endurance race in super bad conditions of cold, rain and mud all over the place. And all this means i had the same weather conditions as these heroes. It was tough but very rewarding in the end.

Soccer school METTA Photoshoot BTS video

I was asked to shoot a soccer school for promotion. The idea was simple. Capture everybody individually in action and make a group picture. We were expecting cloudy weather for more dramatic result but instead got sunny/cloudy day with fast changing conditions. So we decided to hide behind a building that was blocking the sun and used it's shaddow to get more controlled environment. Time went by pretty quickly so the shaddow at the end of photoshoot was almost gone but at that time we already were finishing so it turned out to be the best choice after all. 

Materia - Wooden Bikes from Latvia

Shot of Toms Alsbergs for Materia wooden bikes that are made in Latvia by locals. Used pretty slow shutter on this one to create the feeling of motion. I was not shooting from a moving car. I was actually standing in the middle of a busy bridge without a tripod and shooting from hand. This is the effect of motion i like to use a lot lately. It creates dynamic and ads a special feeling to the picture. 

Harald Schlegelmilch

Fastest man in Latvia. If you're thinking about motorsports than this guys name is the firts that pops into your head. He's fast and i mean really fast.